Let there be light at the Elite

SALOONS | Chris Barnett

Theyyy’re baaaack . . . The two crystal and brass lamps circa 1938 vanished last summer, plunging the west end of the Elite Cafe’s bar into darkness. Regulars missed the elegant touch and the lumins; the faux candle replacements never cut it. Ace servers Abby, Jenna and Kate practically needed miner’s helmets to ring up tabs.

The Elite’s decorator whined that the lamps were broken beyond fixing. Months passed. Finally, frustrated owner Peter Snyderman — also the proprietor of the new TrademarkSF on Belden Alley downtown — strapped on his tool belt and reconstructed the lamps. He plugged them in and — voila, there was light.

Peacock proud, Peter says his new-found handyman prowess is a terrific de-stresser. Now if he could only light up the middle candle in the wall sconce on the back bar separating the bourbons and vodkas.