Sneak peek: new jazzfest poster

Coming soon to a store window near you: the poster for this year’s jazz festival, created by Michael Schwab, one of the nation’s top graphic artists. New street banners sporting the design will go up before the festival, and posters and T-shirts will be available at the 2010 Fillmore Jazz Festival, which takes place on July 3 and 4.

“DISNEYFIED?” It’s “a canny move” for SFJazz to build its new home in the Civic Center, rather than in the Fillmore Jazz District, says a local critic in The New York Times. An article in the Sunday Times on San Francisco’s “sleepy jazz scene” tips its hat to Rasselas and Yoshi’s, but dismisses “the Fillmore’s somewhat Disneyfied atmosphere these days.” Do they have Popeye’s in Disneyland?