Guess who’s coming to dinner

President Obama dined with the Gettys at their yellow and white home (right) on Broadway.

President Obama stopped by the neighborhood for dinner this evening. After a fund-raiser for Senator Barbara Boxer at the Fairmont Hotel, Obama motorcaded to Ann and Gordon Getty’s double-mansion on outer Broadway. Price of admission: $17,600 each, cocktails, dinner and photo included. But the looking was for free, and lots of locals lined Pacific Avenue to catch a glimpse and take their own photos of a waving Obama.

With any luck, it went better than the last time Obama stopped by the Gettys’ place. During the 2008 campaign he made an appearance there on his way to another fund-raiser in Presidio Heights, where he uttered his infamous words about embittered blue-collar types clinging to their guns and religion.

But last time he was here, still a candidate, he stepped across the street to shake hands with the neighbors. This time they were kept behind the barricades a block away.