A matter of taste

Photograph of Carlo Middione at Vivande by Daniel Bahmani

Carlo Middione and his late and beloved Fillmore restaurant Vivande are back in the news today. The Chronicle reports that he’s included in a new book discussing his loss of taste and smell after he was involved a car accident.

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And don’t miss the comments from his fans, including this one from CeleryStalker: I worked with Carlo for weeks filming his cooking show “Carlo Cooks Italian” years back. He is an amazing man, gentle soul with a sense of humor that couldn’t be beat. I remember him getting into a war of words with the director when a squid that he was cleaning went amuck and its eye shot across the room. He wanted it left in the scene because “things like this can happen. Do you want to scare some poor home chef?” One hell of a guy.

UPDATE: Vivande’s successor, Citizen Cake, has named a chef and plans to open soon behind a new fire-engine red facade.

Citizen Cake almost ready in red at 2125 Fillmore, October 29, 2010