Swan family reunion is a bust

Bella the swan — who returned last Sunday to lagoon at the recently restored Palace of Fine Arts after recovering from an injury to her foot — is moving to Petaluma, the city’s Rec and Park Department announced today.

While Bella was away, her sister-in-law Blanche gave birth on Memorial Day to a baby swan named Marta. On June 12, Bella rejoined her brother Blue Boy, Blanche and Marta. But like many family reunions, feelings of resentment and anger soon surfaced. There was sibling rivalry and bickering. Aunt Bella was not welcomed home.

Though park staffers and volunteers tried to help the swans adjust, they recognized that it is not uncommon for the new parents to become protective of the baby swan and aggressive toward outsiders. To ensure the swans’ quality of life would not be jeopardized, staff and volunteer swan caretakers found Bella a vacation home in Petaluma.

“I hope they can at least enjoy visits over the holidays,” said Phil Ginsburg, general manager of Rec and Park.


The family of swans did not welcome the return of Aunt Bella (above).

UPDATE: More bad news for a troubled family