Board of Appeals says Oska is a chain

AT ITS REGULAR monthly meeting tonight, the Board of Appeals ruled that Oska, the German clothing line, is a chain store and must comply with the city’s formula retail ordinance before it can proceed with plans to open at 2130 Fillmore Street, formerly the home of Jet Mail.

EARLIER: Oska stirs chain store fight on Fillmore

  • There’s hope yet for Fillmore retaining its charm!

  • Fillmojoe

    Charm? These places are the best thing to happen to that area.

  • Vlad Putin

    and what are Ralph Lauren, MARC, Jonathan Adler, L’Occitane, Peet’s, Starbucks, Eileen Fisher, MAC, etc. etc.?

    Fillmore Street and resident blowhard Thomas McReynolds need to get a clue, you aren’t Hayes Street.