Shell station may lose garage

The Shell station and garage at California and Steiner Streets.

The Shell station and garage at the corner of California and Steiner Streets.

PLANS HAVE BEEN UNVEILED to demolish the Shell station at 2501 California Street and replace it with a new high-end convenience store called Loop.

Loop is the next evolution in service station retail,” said Nick Goyal, one of California’s largest operators of Shell service stations, who now controls the local station and more than 100 others. During the past year he has opened six Loop stores at Shell stations in the Bay Area, with more on the way.

Loop stores offer groceries and fresh foods along with wine, espresso, smoothies, frozen yogurt, sushi and a soup and salad bar. “It will change your expectation of what you can purchase at your next fill-up,” Goyal said.

Shell Auto Repair would be eliminated and the fuel pumps reconfigured and rebuilt, if the project is approved by the city.

EARLIER: “50 years at the Shell station

  • Sally Cancelmo

    I am really, really upset to learn that Shell at California and Steiner is seeking to close my service station. I have been taking my car for repair there for many years. This neighborhood needs the repair shop.

    We need Doug and Chelsea, who are reputable, honest and skilled, and who serve the local community. The very idea that a repair service, vital to the neighborhood, will be bulldozed and replaced by a Loop store is ludicrous and infuriating. Groceries are available within 100 feet at Mollie Stone’s, plus coffee can be had up and down Fillmore Street.

    Living on Sutter Street just blocks from Fillmore Street for 30 years, I have seen so many small businesses and merchants leave or be forced from the district because of high rents and changing demographics. I always shop local and try to support small businesses, but that has become increasingly difficult as new upscale clothing and design stores take the place of hardware stores, pharmacies, coffee shops, stationery stores, bookstores, etc. — businesses that serve the people of the neighborhood.

    Must we drive our cars on San Francisco’s increasingly clogged streets to a service station in another part of town? Neighborhoods that have merchants who know and serve the residents are essential to maintain a strong community.

    Please make sure this community has the opportunity to voice their opinions in meetings in the neighborhood. Thank you.

  • Stephen Lerner

    Please do whatever you can to keep the Shell Auto Repair from being turned into yet another useless and sterile “mini-mart.” I live within sight of this establishment.

    We need this useful auto repair service in the neighborhood. We don’t need another over-priced fast food place.

  • Lee and Peggy Zeigler

    We were upset to learn that the auto repair services at the Shell station at the corner of Steiner and California are threatened with closure. The plan to create an enlarged food emporium on that site would incorporate the entire building next to the gas station. The auto repair facility, run by two highly competent mechanics, serves countless car owners in our Fillmore neighborhood. They perform much-needed services that would be taken away from local residents, who are still adjusting to the loss of a hardware store, a stationers, a mail house and countless other useful businesses. An expanded food shop at the station is not needed, what with a major market and several restaurants less than a block away.

    We urge Shell to reconsider and to allow highly efficient, highly regarded Shell Auto Repair to remain.

  • Derek Drish

    I echo the sentiments of the previous commentors; we need auto services in this neighborhood much more than we need another perishables retail option. You go to Shell to get your car serviced, not to get groceries.

  • Dr. Elinore Green

    I am a native San Franciscan, who is writing to protest the replacement of the California Shell auto repair station with yet another convenience store that will destroy a vital, popular neighborhood business, and also impact an already dangerous intersection. Many of us depend upon this well-run, reliable, long-standing auto repair business in a location convenient to us.

    It is incumbent upon you to hold well-publicized meetings so that those in the surrounding neighborhood have the opportunity to voice concerns before we are deprived of this important community resource.

  • Nancy Crane

    I have been a condominium owner in the neighborhood for 30 years at 1980 Sutter Street. I take my two old cars to be repaired at the Shell Auto Repair shop at 2501 California Street. Doug and Chelsea provide excellent service that I have used for years. I have been to many car repair shops in SF over the 30 years and Doug and Chelsea are a real gift in the car service industry. They treat me with respect, explain why they recommend a repair, inform me of future maintenance needs and find things I didn’t know needed a repair (for example, rear tail light out). I wish I had found them sooner! I cycle through this intersection on a regular basis. I see the congestion and the near misses.

    Do not allow the removal of Shell Auto Repair without neighborhood involvement. We have already recently lost our one and only hardware store and laundromat and one of the friendliest coffee shops on Fillmore Street (Royal Ground). This is not going to be a neighborhood anymore with services many people use. We do not need a 24-hour convenience store. We have a grocery store one block away.

    What I want as a 30 year homeowner of the neighborhood:

    1. Hold local, well publicized meetings at different times so concerned neighbors can attend.

    2. There must be a traffic study for this intersection.