Marcus Books locked out

Eviction notice on the locked door of Marcus Books at 1712 Fillmore Street.

Eviction notice on the locked door of Marcus Books at 1712 Fillmore Street.

THE LONG FIGHT to keep Marcus Books in its historic home on Fillmore Street reached another milestone — and perhaps its conclusion — when the new owners of the building locked out the owners of the bookstore May 6. An eviction notice was posted by Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

In an open letter emailed to supporters, the owners of the bookstore wrote:

“It was difficult to know what to tell you about our struggle to stay in our building, its winding path of lawyers and judges and protests and promises, hopes and gravities made it difficult to report our status on a curved road. But the current property owner has changed the locks to the door of 1712 Fillmore Street.”

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EARLIER: “We are refusing to let Marcus Books close

  • David Kaye

    It’s not an anti-Black move; it’s the fact that people buy book on Amazon and bookstores can’t survive. Even the big guys can’t survive. Anybody remember Crown Books? Borders Books? SF’s Adobe Books had to become a worker-owned co-op and had to move 8 blocks in order to survive. Modern Times Bookstore also had to move many blocks and reduce its size in order to stay in business.

    And what is Marcus Books doing in the Fillmore anyway, hanging onto a long-ago dream? Black people don’t live in the Fillmore anymore. Why not move the store to where they DO live? Businesses don’t survive on memories; they survive on what’s happening NOW. And Marcus Books ain’t where it’s happening.

  • Helenofreims

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