It’s our 30th


IN MAY 1986, founding editor and publisher David Ish published Volume 1, Number 1, of the New Fillmore — the premiere issue.

The name was a bit of a joke. The Fillmore had forever been reinventing itself, from its roots as a Jewish neighborhood, then a Japanese neighborhood, then the Harlem of the West, which sported the New Fillmore Hotel and the New Fillmore Theater. The early ’80s brought another new era as upper Fillmore began to emerge as a bustling shopping and dining district and the surrounding area became an ever more desirable place to live.

We took over the newspaper in June 2006, so this issue also marks our 10th anniversary. It has been an eventful decade. As Fillmore Street has been transformed into a coveted location for international fashion and cosmetics brands, many of the one-of-a-kind shops and essential services that made it so attractive have been squeezed out. The street, in some ways, has become a victim of its own success.

Yet this neighborhood remains a wonderful place to live, with a rich history, a vibrant economy and many tales to tell. Thank you for inviting us into your homes every month.

Barbara Kate Repa
Thomas R. Reynolds

  • Ellen Magnin Newman

    When the New Fillmore arrives at my home, I drop everything and read it from cover to cover. The recent [May] issue that carried stories of Soko Hardware, with which I grew up, and St. Mary’s Cathedral, which I watched being built, finally prompted me to write you to tell you that you are the best newspaper in the city. I subscribe to the Chronicle and the New York Times, but the New Fillmore tells me more. The crime section, the homes sold section and the ads — remarkable!

    I am cutting out “A Modern Cathedral Celebrates 45 Years” and sending it to Sister Mary Joseph of the Trinity (the former San Franciscan Ann Miller), who is at the Carmelite Monastery in Illinois. She had a great deal to do with building the modern cathedral.

    Brava and bravo to you for producing this stunning publication.

  • Kathy Kenney

    Thank you for keeping the New Fillmore in circulation. I live in the neighborhood, read it, frequent all the local establishments and love getting accurate updates.

    Your paper is valued, read and enjoyed by so many in the neighborhood. Love the crime reports, stores opening and closing, park updates and local happenings. It’s probably a lot of work and maybe a money loser, but please keep up this informative paper.

    I especially liked the article about the new cathedral, as my old roommate and husband, still married happily in Portland, Oregon, were the first couple to marry there. Sent it to them. All best wishes.