From Blue Bottle, prolonged silence


NEARLY TWO YEARS ago, the firm announced: “Blue Bottle Coffee is excited to be pursuing a new cafe located at Jackson and Fillmore Streets.” Since then, nada. A PR rep says only what she has said for months: “I will be in touch as soon as I have more details.”

Confirmation, of a sort, that Blue Bottle still intends to open on Fillmore came in mid-September when the windows were papered with a Blue Bottle logo and a quote from writer Yukio Mishima before his ritual suicide: “When silence is prolonged over a certain period of time it takes on additional meaning.”

EARLIER: “Blue Bottle may open on Fillmore

  • Philip Ambers

    As a resident who lives nearby, I say shame on Blue Bottle Corporation, which has left a shambles of a neglected storefront empty for almost two years. It looks like a slum.

  • Denis

    Is it Blue Bottle or the city causing problems? It can easily take two years to get a simple permit and I think they wanted to merge two stores. It’s much easier and cheaper to take a holiday in North Korea than deal with Planning, and far less stressful.

  • Lars Onyx

    It’s a disgrace. New Fillmore, please keep following up and investigate what is going on there. I got my hopes up, when they finally put their logo on it, but Blue Bottle should do much more. They should communicate with the neighborhood openly.