Saralee’s story

This is the story in her own words of a neighborhood cat on the way to the pound who brought joy into a number of households in the neighborhood — and a bit of local fame to herself.

I. Mother of 11

II. Looking for a home

III. A celebrity cat

  • John and John

    Jack and Brady turn five today, and continue to be the lights of our lives. The Boys, as John calls them, have remained intensely close: they chase one another, they roughhouse, then they curl up together. They are rarely out of one another’s sight. Dr. Behrens says that’s not always the case with feline siblings. But we knew these two were special from the start, when they were just a few weeks old, we were visiting them at your place, and they fell asleep, Jack draped over Brady.

    The Blue Wilderness food has worked out well, although Jack will not eat from a freshly opened bag. It must “breathe” for a couple days, then he is fine with it. The hairy points on the tips of his ears seem to be a trait he shares with bobcats.

    Please pass their greetings on to Saralee, and thank her for bringing them into the world.