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marine electrical certification

a. Isolate the grounding system from the main ship grounding system. When more than one shore power inlet is installed, ABYC recommends that the neutrals are, For a single shore power installation with multiple inlets, all current carrying conductors shall be. According to ABYC, what is the maximum distance allowed between a boat's shore power connection and the main overcurrent protection device? The minimum amp circuit breaker that should be used to protect a 120 volt water heater with a 1600 watt element would be rated at ______ amps . 800 CCA or 100 Ahr (exceptions: electronic equipment with battery backed memories; safety equipment such as bilge pumps, alarms, CO detectors, bilge blowers; battery chargers; I'm pressed current systems. T or F: For AC wiring, the "hot" ungrounded conductor (i.e., not the insulation color) should be brass or copper colored and the "neutral" grounded conductor should be light silver colored. In case of an internal short to the case, the AC grounding wire would not carry enough current. This course is designed for those with a minimum of 3-5 years practical experience with marine electrics. The ampere rating of the additional fuses shall not be greater than ________ percent of the rating of the main shore power disconnect circuit breaker. What is the minimum ampere interrupting capacity (AIC) for main overcurrent protection on a battery bank rated at 12 V, 1500 CCA? Batteries must be secured to prevent movement of more than ______ inches in any direction when a pulling force of _____ or _____, whichever is less, is applied through the center of gravity of the battery for how long? A marine electrician is someone who installs and takes care of electrical equipment and systems on board ships and boats. The most common electrical circuit problem in marine applications is: The primary by-product of excessive electrical resistance is: What is the preferred tool for tracing shorted and open circuits? For 20-amp circuit? Technician B says this is a dangerous situation and AC may be present in the water - immediate attention to the problem is required. With the generator running and AC output frequency is low, what is the probable cause? When a customer complains of low inverter AC output voltage, the first thing the technician should do is: Technician A says inverter AC backfeeding is caused by improper switching of an external power source. Marine Electrical Certification: This certification is geared toward marine electricians with broad experience in both troubleshooting and equipment installations, both AC and DC. Both technicians agree that batteries have to be accessible for inspection and maintenance according to the NFPA. How high amperage is reasonable? The ABYC offers a specific certification for marine electrical workers. Marine Electrician Certification Requirements Certification is a process by which a person develops the knowledge, experience, and skills to perform a specific job through an accredited body. (see E-30.5.2). How often (in inches) shall wire bundles be supported? T or F: When more than one option for shore power inlet is installed on a boat, the shore power neutrals shall be tied together on the boat. T or F: All marine inverters shall utilize an internal or external GFCI on their AC outlets. In addition to an electrical certification review, geared toward experienced marine electrical technicians, the ABYC offers a number of online courses and certification programs. Under certain circumstances, ABYC requires that a metallic shorepower Inlet receptacle be insulated from the hull. T or F: A shunt is a conductor of known resistance placed in series with a circuit to indicate current flow by measurement of the voltage drop across this conductor. What guage cable should be used (minimum)? Which is NOT a correct statement regarding the automatic shut-down device for a permanently installed Genset? How much current should flow through the DC grounded conductor in a 15 amp DC lighting circuit? Tech B says that the alternator output is proportional to the rotor voltage. What does this number represent? All of the following could cause a conductor to overheat except. The online component for the ABYC Electrical Certification class covers various information from the course book. "Readily accessible" defines entry into the engine room in an emergency as dangerous - use a remote battery switch. Start studying ABYC Marine Electrical Certification Exam Review. If a generator set is equipped with a sound shield, the shield shall. What wire is best suited for bonding under-water components: False. A light circuit uses a 12 volt battery to power a bulb which uses 2.5 amps of power. BENEFITS OF ATTENDING. Batteries will feed back into solar array or wind generator coil and discharge (possibly damage). When combining batteries in DC installation, which statement is NOT true. Which Schools Offer Online Courses In Marine Technology? If a generator is not self limiting, the power feeder conductor from the generator shall be sized to accommodate the generator's maximum rated output and shall be protected at the generator with overcurrent protection devices whose rating shall not exceed of the generator rated output . Closed when in neutral (therefore, an open-circuit failure would prevent engine starting). No smaller than 1 size below the DC current carrying conductors between the charger and batteries - provided OC protection on positive DC output is no greater than 135% of DC grounding cable ampacity and conductor is no smaller than 16 AWG. A customer complains that her generator will start from the local control panel at the generator, but not from the remote control panel at the helm. the battery charger case shall be tied to the engine negative terminal/bus, along with the negative output terminal of the battery charger, not at the battery charger case itself.. T or F: A battery charger case shall be tied to the DC negative output terminal at the battery charger. What type of clamps are to be used for supporting wire bundles when routed over engines and machinery? What tool is used to test the insulation integrity of a generator windings and what is the generally accepted Mimimal measurement? Which one is correct? We will develop product safety standards, credentialing, education, training, and other tools to equip our members to be successful. Online learning in marine technology is mostly limited to online courses in related subjects. Must be protected with dielectric insulating material. When simultaneously recharging two different types of batteries (house & start) with diode type battery isolator, where is it best to sense the voltage for charging source? Which type of battery generally recharges faster? An overheated shore power connector problem could be caused by all of the following EXCEPT, If a customer complains about receiving shocks from his/her boat when the boat is plugged into shore power, the first test should be a, c. 125 (see E- and E-, The maximum allowable overcurrent protection rating for either the primary or secondary side of an isolation transformer is _____ %, a. On a vessel with 1 charging source ABYC requires sustaining DC loads for _____ minutes: A customer has a 600 Ah 'house' battery bank and wants to recharge with the highest amperage (standard flooded batteries are being used). What is the minimal required surface area for lightning protection system's immersed ground plate? Define: Marine Cranking Amps = the discharge load, in amperes, that a new, fully-charged battery at _____ degrees F can deliver for ______ seconds while maintaining a voltage of _____ volts (for a 12 v battery). Which is correct, A, B, neither or both? You have a cable that runs from a battery to a bow thruster. 16 ga. (see E- note: some 18 AWG exceptions exist), For AC circuits, ABYC recommends that minimum conductor size shall be at least. We offer free estimates, & are licensed and insured. These apply to welding consumables, propulsion engine components, electrical and automation systems, lifting appliances, navigation and fire safety equipment, and many additional… Many employers in the maritime industry prefer to hire individuals with American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) certification. All components, d. A factory installed length of wire included with a piece of equipment. British Marine offers courses in marine electronics installation and electrical installation in order to become either a BMEEA-certified Marine Electrical or Electronics Installer. How many watts Is the light bulb? The heater is rated at 2500 watts. Using the ABYC voltage drop table, what size wire is needed? To check a voltage regulator is working properly, the best thing a technician can check: According to ABYC, maximum current carrying capacity of a 10 gauge wire, 105 degree C insulation, inside the engine room when bundled with 2 other current carrying wires would be? When testing a wet-cell battery with a hydrometer, what threshold is used to determine a bad cell? B. T or F: if no standard rating OC protection device is available which equals 100% of the allowable current for the conductor being protected, the next larger rating, up to 150% of the conductor ampacity, may bee used - unless the load is a motor. Technicians troubleshoot, diagnose, repair and maintain electrical components, parts and equipment. T or F: The "L" shaped prong on a 20 amp shore power cord is the black or "hot" wire. T or F: It is ok to combine different types of batteries as long as they are all of the lead-acid type (i.e. T or F: most GFCI outlets can be used in a gasoline engine room. When using a high-resolution amp clamp on a shore power cord and activating AC circuits one by one, the technician notes that the AC leakage current measured increases with each appliance. When testing a wet-cell battery with a hydrometer, what reading indicates a fully charged battery? What may happen to a solar array or wind generator used to charge batteries without a blocking diode? T or F: magnetic transformers with integrated secondary-side overcurrent protection and automatically resetting thermal overload protection are ABYC compliant. How far above bilge water level must a battery charger be mounted? A pigtail is defined as: in a parallel circuit, the more resistive loads you add: Strain relief shall be provided for all wiring passing through the battery charger case to relieve strain on terminals, splices or. TWIC or STCW Certification. How many amps will it draw? T or F: boats with an enclosed accommodation compartment shall have an audible high bilge-water alarm. What size circuit breaker would you use? T or F: Compared to deep cycle (house) batteries, cranking batteries will have thicker lead plates to facilitate the higher, short-duration current draws. IYRS’ hands-on Marine Systems program will prepare you to seamlessly enter the marine industry as a systems technician. ABYC certification is considered the highest level of industry certification available in the United States. Students should have an understanding of basic electrical theory. Resetting mechanism cannot overrid over current interrupting mechanism. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE: b. between the hull inlet connector and the grounding wire inside the boat, The recommended circuit location to install a galvanic isolator is between the. The sub-panel breaker's trip point shall be no greater than 100% of the total current draw for the entire sub-panel. Welcome to JTB Marine. T or F: Running AC and DC conductors together is allowed so long as the AC conductors are sheathed. According to ABYC, what is the minimum battery reserve capacity? A branch circuit for DC power can have overcurrent protection not to exceed _____ of conductor ampacity. Which of the following metals may exhibit two distinct corrosion potentials (and occupy two different positions on the galvanic scale) depending on the composition of the electrolyte, other environmental factors, and/or surface conditions of the metal itself? What is the minimum insulation temperature rating for conductors routed inside an engine room? T or F: Branch circuit breakers may open only the ungrounded conductor if the AC system on the boat is equipped with a reverse polarity indicator or input circuit isolation transformer. T or F: it is ok to mount a battery switch inside an engine room, because ABYC startes that it must be located as close to the batteries as practical. When calculating AC loads for small galley appliances, how many watts should be used for each 20 amp circuit? Marine engineering involves the design, construction, installation, and operation of systems and equipment that helps to move and control vessels. All of the following are likely causes, except: What is a likely cause of non-functioning galvanic isolator? Established in 1954, the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) is a non-profit, member organization that develops voluntary safety standards for the design, construction, maintenance, and repair of recreational boats. (T or F) Impedance can be defined as the total resistance flow in a D.C. system. As of 18 September 2016 the only applicable MED is Directive 2014/90/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014 on marine equipment and … Most of the sulfuric acid has been absorbed into the lead plates, leaving mostly water in the electrolyte. A customer is complaining about low-voltage at the AC panel. d. Under no circumstances is this permitted. You are installing a 220 volt electric heater in a boat. Everything we do will support our members to achieve the goal of making boating safer. All terminations and junctions for AC conductors must be installed: Wha is the best tool to use for locating short-circuits? What material is recommended for clamping conductors over engines and moving machinery according to ABYC. Define: Battery reserve capacity = the number of minutes that a new, fully charged battery at ______ degrees F can be continuously discharged at ______ amps while maintaining _____ volts (for a 12 v battery). The minimal battery reserve capacity in minutes for a supplied battery power, based on ABYC. In a series circuit, the more resistive loads you add: The maximum number of terminals to be attached to any one terminal stud based on ABYC Standard is: c. The breaker will trip out regardless of conditions. A. What is the minimum ampere interrupting capacity (AIC) for main overcurrent protection on a battery bank rated at more than 2200 CCA or more than 500 Ahr? The maximum sustained charging voltage acceptable to some gell cell battery manufacturers is: 0.050 points of specific gravity below other cells = bad cell. Tech B says this is technically impossible. A fully charged 12 volt battery, after a period of rest during which nothing has been put in or taken out, should have a fully charged voltage of: T or F: The metallic braid of a coaxial cable and metal conduit used for radio interference shall be connected to earth ground with an insulated stranded copper conductor. It also covers guidance … What is the maximum allowable trip current & time for ELCI/RCD at the main shore power input? Technician B says it is allowable to go up to 150% over the current allowed in table VI A-C of E-11. Many employers look for candidates with a Marine Electrical Certification from the American Boat and Yacht Council. (see, exception). When can a flat washer be used on a battery terminal? Copyright © 2020 EduMaritime - All Rights Reserved, Intl Trade / Trade Finance Online Courses (ICC), ABYC Recreational Boat Certification Designations & Technical Education and Technician Certification in U.S. & Canada, IAMPE Intl Assn of Maritime & Port Executives, The Institutes - Marine Insurance Certifications, Basic Marine Electrical and Corrosion Mitigation, Basic Marine Electrical and Corrosion Mitigation (Complete Course), National Electric Code - An In-Depth Study of the New 2017 Marina Electrical Codes, Outboard Engine Repowering Considerations, Advanced Electronic Engine Troubleshooting - Webinar, Troubleshooting Dock Wiring & Finding AC Ground Faults. Tech A says that AC and DC are able to run together down the same conductor. It is sometimes possible to attend a trade school or work as an apprentice prior to starting this type of career, though military electricians and engineers are often qualified to take certification exams as well. AC grounding conductors connect metallic non-current carrying parts of the electrical equipment to which other part? Electrical Training And Inspections For Surveyors This one-day training program is designed by a surveyor, for surveyors, to assist in evaluating a boat’s electrical system during the course of a marine survey. If there is not a standard current rating overcurrent protection device equal to 100% of the allowable current for an AC branch circuit, the next larger standard current rating may be used provided it does not exceed _______ of the maximum allowable current . From the choices provided which device would typically not be fed from an inverter's AC output? Qualified to the BMEEA Code of Practice standard. To test a 120VAC element in a water heater the technician may run a test. Employment in this field may require special certifications, depending on the types of ships an electrician works on. While out cruising (away from the dock), batteries on a typical cruiser have what percentage of charge? Thermal protection device recommended in motors! Name the 4 places in marine electrical power where we have a neutral-ground connection. Pigtails less than 7 inches (175mm) in length are exempt from overcurrent protection requirements. Which AC equipment should not run & will be damaged from a 'square' or 'modified' wave inverter. T or F: it is ok to install batteries directly below an uninterrupted fuel line? We do Panel Upgrades, LED Lighting, Pool/Spa equipment, Remodels, Troubleshooting and all phases of … Most engine-driven alternators are optimally spun at what percentage of engine RPMs? Why might a fully-discharged wet-cell type battery freeze? Voltage drop could be used to test for a bad starter cable. c. Crossover cranking stud connected to cranking motor, Genset DC wiring shall meet all of the following requirements except, b. shuts down for low voltage output condition. b. A technician is checking a shore power cord with a clamp on AC current meter. Technician A says that AC circuit overcurrent protection devices shall not exceed the maximum current carrying capacity of the conductor being protected. Which tech is right? Faulty exciter winding / diode rectifier circuit. The tool of choice for testing AC generator winding insulation integrity is a: Technician A says that a generator's neutral and ground must be connected together at the generator. Ampacity < 20 Amps, voltage drop across terminals < 50 mV @ 20 A flow, no separation with a one-minute pull of 6 lb force. True or False: AC receptacles may be used for DC service, provided they are properly labeled. This is a certification course. The minimum amp circuit breaker that should be used to protect a 120VAC water heater with a 1600 watt element would be rated at ________ amps. lf a separate, independent AC powered battery charger is fitted along with an inverter/charger, the independent AC powered charger must be: To comply with ABYC requirements, a Neutral to Ground connection must be present at the inverter during which of the following conditions: In order to eliminate the neutral to ground connection when shore power is being transferred through the inverter a ________ is utilized. What should you do first? Technician B says that backfeeding is caused by DC reversed polarity. An adequate sized under-water lightning ground plate will have an area of at least: Tech A says that lightening protection must not have a bend over 90. Both nationally and internationally, ABYC is the acknowledged authority that provides uniform standards to enhance marine manufacturing, maintenance, service and safety. False. Marine Corps Engineer Equipment Electrical Systems Technician (MOS 1142) use electrical theory and concepts to make repairs on electrical systems. The overcurrent protection device that shall be installed on the AC grounding (green) conductor has a current rating of ____________ of the conductor's rated ampacity. Which of the foillowing is the most probably cause? He or she may also handle emergency repairs on ships in port, in dry dock, and out at sea. What is the max typically allowable % difference between true sinusoidal peak AC voltage and harmonically distorted peak AC voltage? Technician B says that boxes are not necessary and a sealed composite tray matching what the boat already has would be fine and looks better. d. When installed immediately under a split lock washer and nut. With a battery voltage of 12.6 volts how many amps is the inverter drawing from the battery bank? T or F: Because the shore power connection is a power source, the neutral conductor should be tied to ground at the point where it comes in to the boat (shore power cable connection). Students will take the ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) certification exams for the relevant modules. d. Not allowing the engine to start when not in neutral. Marine Mechanical Technician (MMT) means a person who installs, troubleshoots, repairs and maintains engines, drive trains and other mechanical, electrical and fluid systems used in the recreational marine industry. DC grounded conductors on new boats that are also equipped with AC systems should use what color insulated wire? Inside an enclosure requiring the use of hand-tools to open. NMEA members promote professionalism within the marine electronics industry. Tech A says that voltage supplied to the rotor controls the alternator output voltage. Which is correct? A 2000 watt inverter is operating at 50% capacity with a 90% effeciency rating. Technician B says simultaneous opening fuses may be used for this application. Anode is negative, Cathode is positive. What is the largest guage wire that may be connected to a bettery with wing-nuts? T or F: Boats that have an inverter installed must have a warning label noting such at the main electrical panel. You're installing a 500 GPH bilge pump to be used as a shower pump (just to drain the shower grey-water). MEP manufactures components for several brands including: Alumacraft, Ariens , Crestliner, G-3, Husqvarna, Landau, Lowe, Lund, Merritt Equipment, Misty Harbor, Triton, White River Marine Group, and about 50 more The neutral for AC power sources shall be grounded at which point? A 120V hot water heater is rated at 1750 watts. What is the max allowed unsupported cable length for battery cables? If the power source is a battery and the conductors are sheathed, OC may be up to 72 inches away. How far away from a gasoline tank must a pre-wired battery charger's AC connection plug be located? c. When connected in series AmpHrs is increased. A polarity indicator light that is glowing more dimly than normal could be an indicator of: D. A neutral-to-gound link at the boats AC panel board. For true RMS inverters what is the relationship between peak and RMS voltage? T or F: metal AC panel boards must be grounded. Styrene from curing fiberglass, methane from head/holding tank, hydrogen from battery outgassing or refrigeration leaks. Overcurrent protection must be located withing 7 inches of the power source unless contained within a sheath, in which case it may be up to 40 inches away. The maximum allowable voltage drop permitted for panelboard DC feeders based on ABYC is: Which of the following battery has the largest case or physical size of the battery case? T or F: Pigtails less than 7 inches (175mm) in length are exempt from overcurrent protection requirements. When completing a job after a partial rewiring of a customer's boat, the technician should: Using the circular mills formula, what size wire would you need for a green, 96 watt running light that is 16' away from the distribution panel in a 24 volt vessel. A successful customer experience includes: In the formula for circular mils, for our purposes "K" is equal to 10.75.

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