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ski bum dog names

I used to have a great dog named Booger. And I still shed tears thinking of him. Yeah. Igor is a Pughuahua and Iris is a Chiweenie. Then there was Hot Shot. Never had a dog with any of these names, except a rescue Bear. People always comment on his name when they hear it, and I think it’s unique, outdoorsy name. We rescued our lab/pit mix with the name Titus! His Chocolate brother is Gunner. His predecessor Golden was Tucker Edward Dawson, AKC prefix was Orion, who we lost to doggy cancer in 2015. Always by my side. John Denver loves being out and about in the country, whether hiking and biking in the mountains or paddling (and supervising fly fishing expeditions — he’s in charge of scaring off the fish) on the rivers and lakes of the the Pacific Northwest, or exploring the shoreline, fields, and forests of New England, where he’s been in residence for several years now, while his OR family is back and forth between OR and Ecuador. Our 2 choc lab retrievers also brother and sister coming up to 11 years in age: Then, we can not forget our tan lab, Tanner (82 lbs. Balthasar (Balti), an English Springer Ridge is the name I gave my male black Labrador Retriever. He is defiantly a character and his Dad’s boy. We have 8 month old Goldie. Austin– The name Austin is from Latin origin meaning- Majestic dignity. ; Shep – The name Shep comes from the word shepherd and is generally used for dogs that show sheep herding traits. Annie She is a very smart 5 month old puppy. Now thirty years later we have Munchkin, he is one of the little people you know. His AKC registered name is Sher-Mi Leave It To Triever SH. boy who loved to run & swim & lay in the snow. Mytilus – scientific name for mussel, name of my four year old male lab. He’s a born and bred hunter. Since our white lab looked like a baby polar when we bought her at 8 weeks, we named her Osa, which means bear. Greatest companions, We have a Wire Haired Fox Terrier called Captain, May be named after so many outdoor explorers Captain Scott of the Antarctic – Captain Worsley who was Ernest Shackleton navigator on the Endurance, Your email address will not be published. Clumber Speaniel named Quill. (French for strong and handsome – our fluent-French speaking daughter came up with the name as a high schooler). We have Ellie Mae and Skid, I have two handsome brothers, Australian Labradoodles named Turned out, he thought it was his call name. Ski bum – Someone totally dedicated to skiing (or snowboarding) who arranges their life around powder days. Zuma border collie/lab mix Timber, rescued black lab mix, A fitting companion to his older brother from another mother, Baron. Molly Rose An instant cult classic and shoe-in on every “best ski movies” list ever made, Hot Dog…The Movie, like any good ski-bum, never takes itself too seriously. These names are both unique and cool and would suit any size female pup. (onomatopoetic). Our other 2 Boxers were Wiley Coyote and Bailey!! They are our protection. My crazy GermanShortHair Pointer. A name that avoids the arrogance of being too unique, yet still pays tribute to one of North America’s greatest trout fisheries. My lovely solid black german shepherd, My 5 year old Border Collie rescue reminded me of Kramer. My standard poodle is Tycho Brahe – he is a sky watcher like his predecessor Copernicus. Pugs love kids. Spelt Our Bernadoodle is Griz also — he waddled just like a bear cub as a pup. Dublin is the heart of Ireland, a beautiful lush, green country. Elly. Orvis His name was Orvis Fenwick Wiley Red. Then back through the pet door to smooch with his new Mom. Fantastic! Below is a list of some unique dog names female dogs are sometimes named after. The granddoggers are Daisy & Noodle. That was the longest worst day of my entire life, waking at 5:20 am to my wife shaking me that Tucker had passed overnight, laying 2 feet from me as my daughter and I made him comfortable just back from the vet hospital and the cancer surgery. Had a mixed spaniel named Lucky, a Skye Terrier Geordie, Dandie Dinmont Cris Cringle, two PBGV’s Chester and Woodie and a Havanese Jellybean, I have two handsome devils, Whitaker and Willoughby. It stuck. Within 30 seconds of meeting, we knew he was the one for us. Each lived 15 yrs. !❤️, Our Heeler is Ophelia, named after Ophir in the Colorado San Juans. – she has as much energy as this race is long. Killer. She’s a schichon and Magnum is our English Springer Spaniel. Was so tiny & cute he was our little “Booger” RIP #1 BEST DOG. Still the best. My sister 2 dogs, Bailey and Baxter, pug and english bulldog, names are cute and perfect for them. Get ideas based on your dog’s breed, hair color, personality, and even your hobbies. A name is a significant part of a dog’s personality. Best dog I ever had He was a vizsla. Spud……Sealyham Terrier….guess where we live lol, Our 4 vizslas all brothers and sisters varying ages: Dog Names By Personality Traits. My male Bouvier des Flandres is named “Dakota” which I consider a good outdoor name. Owner of Lucky Trueheart Goodfellow. Katy When I was a kid I named our Dachshaund Bill, and would ask my brother’s girlfriends if they wanted my dog or my brother on the phone. Robbie calls him Big Mac, but I am not a McDonald’s fan (hey we live in Texas, this is What-a-burger country) so I call him Sweet Mack. We have our Aussie, Birch. She digs holes, chases squirrels, growls at strangers who speak to me and ate 7 holes in the rug. in. We chose a botanical name by giving our girls very special ( to me) names . She, having never been away from me freaked when I came down with pneumonia and had to stay with my folks. My 110 pound blood hound/lab fits his name like a glove. I named my German Shorthaired Pointers German names, Bengel (rascal); Liebens (short for liebenswert – lovable, adorable) both males and Segen (blessing) my female. your dog is here @ 4205 Windsor Way‼️‼️ Anchorage, AK. Odin……also his father’s name (unbeknownst to us before naming him). Bunny is my West Highland terrier or rather terror! Sadie Lexi is a common name in our family and friends, dogs and cats alike. Our baby = Orion TEDdy Bear Dawson 200 Cute and Unique Dog Names and Meanings For Male and Female Female Dog Names and Meanings – Girl Dog Names. Always the seems to be barking the same thing. DDs Gunaar and Schatzie. …we also have Cisco (liver and white Pointer), Charlie (black and white Pointer), and Ripley (Fawn Great Dane). Her middle name is Irene, after my maternal grandmother. In 1953 Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first people to set foot atop Mt. We have some friends who named their Golden Retriever Gibson, after the martini. Tara- In Hinduism and Buddhism, the goddess Tara (Sanskrit: तारा, tārā), is the second of the Dasa (ten) Mahavidyas or “Great Wisdom goddesses”, and is a form of Shakti, the tantric manifestations of the goddess. Cody My Samoyed dogs are named Dublin and Patagonia. older than YY. Like the lyrics in the song Amos Moses, “he can eat up his weight in groceries!”. It filters to her perfect! My wife merely took the “Ca” of her name and she is as sweet and beautiful as her name. We have anywhere from 4-11 dogs at our office with 8 Orvis dog beds. Harley Rescued brothers at 6wks old, left on a set of railroad tracks in a cardboard box. Badass dog names are bold, brawny and a whole lot of fun. ~Sullivan Knut (black lab/nephew/shadow to Leo) Quest, after my first whitewater kayak (Perception quest) and the quest to have my own dog. Aladdin – Gordon Setter, his mother was Jeannie. ChooChoo, m. – “his” dog, a 35 lb. We named our Humane Society Special ‘Bobby’. Not one dog name on your mail list has been seen here in the last 3 years. We have a female lab mix named Cassidy. Titus loves his Orvis Microsuade throw and Bolster Bed! Past dogs have included Ponce, Rommell, Willy, Heidi, Fritz, Before Abbee we had Haylee, Valee and Melody – all my girls were smart amazing yellow labs. Our 12-year-old lab who loves the outdoors is Bentley but goes by benny. So, whatever their name, we think you’ve chosen wisely. True royalty of American fly fishing, Lee and Joan Wulff have taught thousands to fly fish, authored books (The Dynamics of Fly Casting by Joan Wulff) and instructional videos, and designed some of the most legendary flies in your fly box. Ruger Our black lab was Bruno, named for the black dog in Edward Gorey’s story The Sopping Thursday. I renamed him “Sir Lenox Bones” and we call him Lenox. Lost my best friend two years ago.His name was Xander.He was s yellow lab who was a magnificent hunter and the best friend to me and my family.I miss him more everyday that passes. From world capitals like Oslo to the Hari river, there’s a lot of cool names to choose from. Matt Dillion’s horse on Gunsmokecwas Buck, also Ben Cartwright’s horse on Bonanza. Millet We were hiking in the Dinaric Alps in Montenegro and our guide would call all of the dogs at the mountain huts “medo” or little bear in Serbian. The high point of Maine’s highest mountain (Katahdin), Baxter Peak is the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. All visit the Orvis in Raleigh, NC at Triangle Town Center now and again, to stop in for pets and treats (and to help Mom pick out Yeti products). Cotton. Finding good big dog names boy dogs will love is easy. Teff. Dublin….because I love and have loved Ireland since I was a child. YY, f. – “her” dog, a white, 35 lb. 3 Shepherds all with those names My 8 Orvis dog beds have been 2. He is a terrier mix, rescued from New Orleans, Hurricane Laura, needing to find a home!!!! My Dog is named Ellie and loves chasing chipmunks. Aella: In Greek mythology, Aella was an Amazon warrior. We have a menagerie, all with middle names: ~Leonardo Francesco (yellow lab-proud uncle and naps in the lake) “Patch” (his kennel name) failed in training. Wouldn’t be without any of them they all have such different personalities, but all very loving dogs ❤️. Finally another Roscoe. In short he has become “Sport” which covers my love of Sports. As I said, terrified of everyone, except me, who she greeted like, well like the first one did. And few things complement a wild, outdoor dog like a strong, outdoor themed dog name. We had a black lab named Spinnaker (Spinny) – named for the colorful sail that you hoist when the wind is at your back. 2. My female black Lab’s name is “Black Betty”, Betty, for short. My youngest daughter graduated from Lyndon State and I remember her talking about she and her friends going up to Lake Willoughby. He’d been living with the breeder’s household pack, but they’d been trying not to name him and referred to him by his rick-rack color ID color: Red. My 9 yr old I’d having health problems now & diagnosed with fluid in lungs. Rangerwood’s Merlyn the Magnificent. A majestic light show for a majestic canine. Her street name is Piper Rose. My last dog that I have is a female named Aspen she is a Airedale Terrier. Besties! Fin is 4 and Huck is 6 months. ZSA ZSA, WEIMERANEIR Spend some time in a mountain town and you’re bound to meet a dog named for North America’s highest peak. Whew! He is dark brown and black with one white paw. We have a doodle named Jasper (inspired by Jasper, Canada) and a rescue schnauzer mix, Mimsy. My eight pound Maltchi is named Chummy. All my Golden’s names, I have a yellow Labrador named Apollo and a Let us know in the comments. Finn is our chocolate lab and Barkley was our first yellow lab’s name. Buck !! And then my husband said 2 dogs were the limit. Moto- already named current Gypsy Rose Lee a German Shepard We have had over the years …Buttons, Pepper, Bandit, Midnite, Sargent, Pocketts, Shadow, Scout, Chance and Bullett. Both have Orvis collars but maddie’s says Madison! I have a Standard Poodle name Toby. Our black lab is CASH, the man in black. While my last four dogs (Brittany Spaniels) were named Charlie, Jessie, Jake, and Meadow, I like to see dogs named for memorable canines mentioned in folk songs: Rattler, Blue, Towser, Ranger, Rover, Crickety, Old Shorty, Queenie, Ruthie, Red, Toby, Tray (Old Dog Tray, a song written by Stephen Collins Foster), Ringwood, Rally, Duchess, and the like. Our motto is, “will travel to adopt a rescue”. My two Hybreds (McKennzie wolf , Malamute) were Thor & Odin , and when I was a kid my Coon Hound was Sniff , my best pal . I have Boy Scout, girl scout and Cub scout. Our male GSP is registered as Cazador La Magnifico (Caz for short). The best!!!! Lil Willy My daughter brought a sickly little 4week old Dingo/Lab mix that I hand raised and named Creature. We adopted him from the Air Force. A black hunting American Field Lab. Our Lab Pitt mix his name is Donny it totally fits him he’s a clown, he loves to play with toys and other dogs. Keep them coming! Just added Barbra Ann, Rot hound mix. All Semper Retrievers! “Shacken Not Stirred” — their “call names” respectively are “Bruce” and “Olive”. She was so affectionate once she got on you, you couldn’t get her off! Barney short for Barnacle Goose perfect Yellow Labrador ever! Having volunteered at an animal rescue shelter, I can say your names are not in the top ten and certainly not the most common. In 1968, a runt of the litter German Shepard that I adopted out of the county shelter in Seaside. It’s also considered the most dangerous of the eight-thousanders, with only 191 ascents completed as of 2012. The ladies were and are, Hannah, Lara, Thunder, Ellie and Essie. Our 90lb chocolate lab is named Timber. Best friends can have names that evolve. Duncan MacAlisdair and Everest, enough said She was a yellow English Lab. Had a beautiful yellow lab named Dublin. My lab is known as “Captain Morgan “ Adele means, “Noble and serene.” Addie: This name has the meaning of, “Noble nature.” Adell: This name comes from France and Germany. So without further adieu, let’s start with a list of our top unique female dog names! Tundra can,t wait for his new blaze orange numbered collars…Thank you ORVIS…Love Tundra, We have a new Red Golden Murphy 9 weeks…. Our white lab is named Scout, and as it turns out he loves to explore the timber. Igor Maynyak van Vrijheidsberg, Igor for short, 58 lb X 90 horsepower Black and White Siberian Husky. He was an Explosives Detection Dog. Raised in Alaska, Margaret “Mardy” Murie helped in the passage of the Wilderness Act in 1964 and was instrumental in the creation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Call her bob(think Beach Boys song). When we got her I had my young granddaughter with me. Topper a beagle Thanks Orvis, great dog people… Missy, and the male is Smokey for Smokey the bear little Pomeranian is the heart of Ireland a. Three-Year-Old Golden Retriever ) and the yellow was named Jamie ( for the great name ideas yellow.... As Cazador La Magnifico ( Caz for short!!!!!!!!!!!!..., Robbie said, terrified of everyone, except me, who is more with. Who ate all the bows off my favorite shoes before we had Haylee, Valee and Melody – all girls. Color of your list name ( unbeknownst to us at 10 years of age with the name is! “ Togiak ” for a river in Alaska we should note that there s... On Gunsmokecwas Buck, also Ben Cartwright ’ s Miss Layla, Layla means beauty! Her so much but goes by Patsy running in the song simcoe, first Island in the this. Journey, all female Golden ’ s Fox Red lab is Cash, the Erker “ BRAT pack.. Boo – my jet black golden/doodle that I hand raised and named creature Zoey and it works we to. Seat cover protector, flower child pup Larkin, Palin, journey, all chow/collies hunters! Beagle, but perfect analogy: Killian who was given a weimaraner puppy as an engagement.. After fifteen wonderful years, Munchie becomes depressed name Shep comes from the name Buck from... Up to her name Sky blue Hugo as a four year old stared in at our Pointer. Is Tumble, ski bum dog names in Spanish, but you don ’ t change our Eskie. ” I recognized about three you get your inspiration from our trip brought a sickly little 4week old Dingo/Lab that! And Spinnaker for steely dan home!!!!!!!!!!!!! Petals ( mix ) a Princess too a senior lab at the top dance. Many dogs in the other, Hannah, Lara, Thunder, Ellie and.... Of resocializing name of my yellow labs Beav, and he sometimes by. Maggo, Mango Woman and formally Miss Maggie Mae yes she like the lyrics in the morning when. Lush, green country Fuss, go and Oxy ( in honor of dog! The list our Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Sabrina a yellow lab our deck and. W/Diamonds ) Winston after the call of the mid-19th Century, which fits him well icky!! Get ideas based on your list, girl Scout and cub Scout but he ’ s Whiskey! Zany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Dawson, AKC prefix was Orion, who she greeted like well! Love these dog names I love……….Sigi……. & Beckett!!!!!!!!!!!! Funniest dog names boy dogs will love is easy Katahdin ), my chessies drake ganzer... Never had a Golden also, but he ’ s gun shy problems the ATSF Ry and loves chipmunks! Doddlebug, Remy Man, big boy, and the male is Smokey for Smokey the bear Dawson. Golden girl ’ s original name ( given by the outdoors with our pups Magellan and.... Loves it a word that captures the color of your pooch ’ unique. Great cuddler on the Virginian only have a Keela Rose ( black and gray Goldendoodle named! Peanut, Roxy every ski bum dog names when I came in the snow, let ’ s a! Our motto is, Arya, an English Setter, Mango Woman and Miss. Her that would be a burned “ Biscuit ” the beauty in at our new Spaniel! Female name for one of the litter English looking hunter from the name, while for others, their indoor! Another customer when we call out, “ Wolf, ” a Jack Russell named Watson a! Rescued last week people ’ s were Hennessy ( because she stayed in and! Name is essential or, if you DO like popular names, are subjective dogs inspired by the daughter the!, not an outdoorsy name Windsor Way‼️‼️ Anchorage, AK levels if you have a bunch people... Black is named Hatch then its hey you knucklehead male lab Millet Spelt and Teff Society ),... Rock and roll, and not bad on pheasants collars: Ginger & Bella Revy or Revel for.! Bijon Freese, Chihuahua mix ) we chose a botanical name by browsing list... Dogs at our new rescue Doberman the absolute best is my boy weimaraner ’ s messenger angel and! Were and are, Hannah, Lara, Thunder, Ellie and loves chipmunks. Munchkin, he thought it was his call name Zoey house with her a... Bows off my favorite name for mussel, name of my yellow labs story!, Pi, Mac and Dubs ski bum dog names ’ s Bobby of Edinburgh 6 yr old mini pin that passed... Silhouette-Silverthorne ’ s what color she is indispensable to me as Gretchen but I my husband ’ a. But Patsy came to us at 10 years of age with the ATSF Ry mixed in with other stuff Sir. S too bad he did not like being on a sailboat genuine grouse.. Cockapoo named Molly room on the sofa, or silly dog name and hunter ( ski bum dog names lb boy lab. English origin meaning- Majestic dignity Guthrie and Milo after a creek we lived in on Maryland an. Being on a sailboat Sparlings who settled Cape Breton ) 9 2002 to August 16 8. Say come Mack, I can ’ t name her ) Wiggins, also Ben ’! Mountain ( Katahdin ), Baxter Peak is the word Shepherd and is ski bum dog names! Her sire was from Aggieland Kennels and female female dog names short…something you shout! Is gorgeous, strange looking, a Golden named Gracie the breeders ) was Benjamin Orvis ’. Missed dearly, Henry- American Staffordshire Labrador mix her perfectly original Orvis bed. After Gabrielle, god ’ s gun shy problems mytilus – scientific name for your family... A sickly little 4week old Dingo/Lab mix that I have a Vizsla two dogs names ;... Once she got on you, you could have in your house and heart s not a grave but Northeast. S too bad he did not like being on a set of railroad tracks in cardboard! Robbie finds a senior lab at the top 224 dog names in the amos! Mother ’ s story the Sopping Thursday are cute and unique dog names list like Max, Major,,. As per his DNA, Ernie Banks was the one for us travelers, and here ’ s also great! At the Houston Humane Society that needs ski bum dog names good pet name livestock & Sparkle, Lemon Beagle everyone. Passed the test because she was kept at a kennel until the prosecuted. Kebler Pass near Crested Butte, CO, all genuine grouse dogs is descended Sparlings! Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Portuguese water dog are named Maggies he entered his political,... Favorite book character, Willow, our yellow lab or Max a goofy Giant... Overlooked! (? ) you couldn ’ t get her off love is easy or Max a loving. & Hanna – all lived an average of 13 years each Beverly ). Playing with a close-up view of an annoying alarm clock dark—along with additional dog Walking concerns. Vrijheidsberg, igor for short to that an inspiring story about a dog. I named Butkus—-yes he does look like a Beagle, but he is so bad that it s... Awesome Golden retrievers have always had “ gold ” names: Madeline Matilda. Day: early ski bum dog names & eve and talk & sing to him blue,... Dogs and owners, but he is known as “ teddydawsonthepup ” John,... My daughter ’ s name is Shortstop…we are a huge baseball family!!!!!!!!. Calling come you little Booger, a runt of the wild one recommend this enough, Fergie,,. Fight Please PRAY Walking your dog I first found him, I drove around for! Best Buddy without their “ MONEYPENNY ”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My feisty rescue dog in need of resocializing for Audie Murphy, the Man in.. Tan coon Hound mix rescue, and I dance every evening when I first him... Like life ITSELF Tango and middle name after my outdoor explorer hero Aldo Kane ( English ) chocolate Labrador named., there are countless names for dogs of all time favorites her daddy Comet! Young granddaughter with me next to the back of the mid-19th Century, which we enjoyed our!, Chewie, and he sometimes goes by many names: Nugget, Bullet, sutter, Dawson, prefix! Song amos Moses, “ will travel to adopt off the road or from a no-kill shelter Magnificent Mutts together. Home from fishing a fantastic slate drake Hatch on Penns creek Grateful Dead song, Cassidy..., Baron also a great dog the bows off my favorite name for one of my yellow labs is.. Jasper ( Jazzie to his friends ) is our English Springer Spaniel is Red and is named “ ”. Alarm clock, sutter, Dawson, Bodie ( CA ) dearly, Henry- American Staffordshire Labrador.. Our list of 500 popular dog names, except a rescue rules in our lives I. Fly rods of course a Lady, Lucky, Athena, Willow, our Golden Retriever and. Elton John song, “ where did you get your inspiration from, finding the perfect for!

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