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pruning fiddle leaf fig

When the leaves grow closer together they provide more support for the stem. Its quite normal for them to go through times where they don’t grow too much – but light is key to growth so I would try to move it to a brighter location. I had to repot it twice -wrong size pot the first time – I’m a plant newbie! FLFs can be a little slow growing so there’s no rush to get a beautifully bushy tree-like structure happening. This will give it more room to grow and get taller. If it takes a long time to drain or nothing comes out the bottom, this could be sign the soil isn’t well-draining. I have a very small bushy fiddle leaf. I thought it was dying but it’s since stopped, so I assume it was transitioning from a bush to a tree. I read through your articles and started to prune my fiddle fig to make it look fuller. Will new branches grow from where I removed the old branches or will that part of the plant remain vacant? The leaves look aweful drooping and are very dark green/brown. You mentioned putting gravel on the dirt- if the smell is coming from the soil, try giving it a big water next time you water it, to flush anything out of the soil. Is it ok to cut those off? It really helped me, I hope it does for you too . I wanted to ask what would happen if i removed my unwanted branches as you mentioned in this article? It’s getting quite large, a bit dense and wider than I’d prefer. Do I wait until they are about 3-4 foot tall and do I start taking leaves off the bottom first then pinch the top so they branch out. Hey Claudia, if its growing out of the trunk it sounds like it is a branch! Is that okay? Otherwise they’ll still be creating energy for the plant and are worth keeping! Should I cut 4 feet off and let it branch from their if it wants to. Hey Stephanie, if you’re making any changes to your FLF just make sure you do it in a season of growth – Spring being the best time, so it has the best opportunity to thrive. All of my FLF’s leaves are spouting from the tip of the plant, and I’m not sure if that’s normal. How fast they grow can also be affected by their environmental conditions (being indoors, humidity, climate, being in a pot etc) so it’s natural that they grow slower than they would if they were in their ideal environment (the African rainforest!). You’ll want to get a sharp pair of pruning shears because dull tools or scissors can crush the stems and damage your plant. I’m trying to figure out wether or not my fiddle will still continue to grow up if I botch it or pinch it. How should I go about this? I would give it a chance to settle in first to make sure its happy in the position you’ve put it, then you can try pruning, notching or both. How can I get this plant growing again? Remove any unhealthy leaves and branches. It’s not abnormal for FLFs to be dormant during the cooler winter season. Fast forward to today and all of the leaves are gone and all I have left is the main trunk. All the best! That’s a great question. Hope these tips help. You can pinch the stop when it has reached the height you would like it to branch around. much love, I’m pretty sure I overwatered it because I followed the advice of others to flush it completely. Rachel, Hey Rachel, so glad the post could be helpful for you If the spots were really bad I would remove the leaves so that the plant isn’t wasting energy on keeping those damaged leaves. It’s best to do this when the plant is young because it will encourage more branches and bushier growth. How do I encourage new branch growth (rather than continuous growth on the 3 existing branches)? Is it best to cut away, remove the leaf completely or repot ? If it is damp in any way, wait til it dries out more before you water it again. I was told to peel back on the trunk to see if it is still green. or i just need wait for it to grow as a tree ? So i took them home gave them a shower right away and i trimed them i got them in march. I removed the brown sheath thinking it was a dead leaf. Light is key for growth, but seeing as it sounds like its in a good location, I would think that maybe it just needed a break or is slowing growth for the cooler months. Here’s a post on propagating that might be helpful . Hey Sarah! Karrie, Hey Karrie, sounds like it is definitely ready to be pruned! If there are leaves growing at the bottom, you can prune the main trunk so it doesn’t look odd or leave it and see if it will continue to grow from the top. Hi Cherie, thanks for your question. It sounds like the pot you chose could be a little too big, which can sometimes cause problems as the soil will take longer to dry out. I think it is gorgeous that way, but it is getting increasingly hard to walk by it without knocking into one the branches – any tips!? I’ve had my fiddle leaf Bush for about 5 years now, and while it’s grown taller, the leaves at the bottom of my bush kept falling off and don’t grow back. Cutting it back will result in a different branch structure (depending on how the plant regrows) or if you’re really fond of the shape, maybe try the notching method. All the best! Eventually those leaves fell off too, except for 5 leaves. How do I safely prune this guy down without causing serious damage and shock? Is this normal? I have only 1. They like to be snug! Is there anything else I can do?? Even if you can’t separate the plant, as it grows taller you could stake the stems to be more upright. Hi Nina! If you prefer it to be more bushy, you can just prune back any branches or parts that are making it look too leggy. I’m more than sure I have underwatered it because I read somewhere to only giveback it 3 cups of water at a time. I’ll keep you posted! I am unsure whether I should notch it and if I did, at what height I should do it. Water … I was hoping to encourage some growth and the bud on the top looked brown, dry and dead, so I snipped it off. It’s extremely full on the bottom and I feel like they usually have a bare branch woth leaves only towards the top. I have followed your video and tried notching my fig leaf 5 times now to encourage it to branch but no luck. Hey Becky, thanks so much Its totally normal for the growth tips to be brown, pointy and sometimes crispy. The roots of the plant are highly visible at the top of the pot… is this normal? Thank you very much for all of the good information that you have provided about Fiddle Figs. Just make sure whatever you use to prune has sharp blades to give a clean cut, and as long as you’re not cutting the majority of the plant back, Sven will be fine. And I don’t necessarily want it any taller. The best thing to do would be to monitor them, and make sure they have the best conditions possible – mostly including bright light. All the best! Pruning really depends on how you want your FLF to look and what you want to achieve. Two of the 3 trees have new growth budding at the top. If you do think it needs to be repotted, it should be fine to repot straight away. What is going on? I would also say that putting your plant outside for a while to strengthen the stem can also help it to support this extra large leaf. FLFs are amazing plants and after all the flak they receive about being ‘fussy’, they can still appear to come back from the dead, or a bare trunk, like yours! I suppose I could sell it to someone and buy a more appropriate “tree” type, but I’ve come accustomed to the lovelyness of her. I’m just a bit confused. but I have heard they can be a little trickier to grow! It’s the middle of December and from what I read I might not see any new growth until spring. This will keep them from dripping rubber while you’re moving them to the trash or compost heap. Staking will also help it grow straight in the meantime. As long as its not too severe, it isn’t a major problem. So I am definitely going ti notch them.i took them outside for the summer. This is my first 2 plants. Is it a total loss or can I cut it back? They can sometimes occur if the soil stays damp for some time, so just make sure you are watering only when the top couple of inches of soil feel dry , Hi Emily, thank you for your lovely articles on FLF. Please help. Like you said, the dots generally lessen or disappear once the leaf matures. Keep this in mind if your FLF is already missing leaves from the bottom! I hope this is ok! Hi Emily, I’m planning on going on holiday for a month and was wondering how I can keep my fiddle leaf fig plant alive. What do you suggest? I bought a FLF from a grocery store in either January or February. If the top has died, it will be dry and brittle. The bush no longer seems like its growing and I’ve been thinking about separating them to try to shape them into trees. Thanks! Is it light related? Depending on height? Hi Sharon, FLFs naturally have very thin trunks but you could always do some pruning if its getting too top heavy or to encourage more bushy branches. However this is the best way to get a FLF to branch. Help! Appreciate the help. Should I trim off most of the lower leaves? It has two stalks. I have it near a window and water only when soil is dry. Serife. Thank you!! A tall Fiddle Leaf – what a good problem to have! Thank you very much – Barb. Hi Heidi! I have a new larger pot at the ready – should I wait til Spring (UK) which seems so long away or go for it now with a good few months of sun left ? Will it be too late to separate them by then? It might take a little patience and care but with the right light, soil and water your FLF should thrive . This would allow the plant to respond the best, and if it’s not growing any further, then it won’t get in the way any more than it already is. And do the stems grow thicker eventually over time? After being outside for 1-2 weeks, it learned to straighten up and was much stronger. it’s great that you don’t have to waste the part you cut off as well, by propagating the cutting! If I pull the leaves off, will new leaves shoot from that spot? Hello all! Hello Emily! For a bushier plant, cut stems wherever you want to promote branching. At what point should I cut off a leaf, or notch. A soil that is well-draining normally is a ‘chunky’ mix which allows water to run through the particles. Keep in mind its best to prune in Spring/Summer, and growth should slow in Autumn/Winter, so it you can leave it as it is (it won’t grow much during the cooler seasons) until its Spring/Summer, that would be ideal. Overwatering can only be a problem if the plant is consistently getting watered too frequently. If I cut the stem just above the leaf under them, will it branch or will it stunt the growth and stop there? Either way is up to you! It is now starting to splay as I’ve not tied the trunks to twist around each other, plus a branch has sprouted. It is pretty normal for plants to have a dominant branch – one that seems to grow tallest or more vigorously than the others. They generally face where the light is coming from, so if its coming in horizontally through a window (rather than from above) this could also be why. If there’s multiple trunks in the soil, you can try to separate them when repotting, however for a FLF that is already 5ft, the roots may be too interwoven to do this without too much damage. Hi Barb, FLFs respond well to a bit of pruning, however it is best to make sure the majority of leaves are left on the tree after pruning, ie make sure you don’t take too many leaves off! When the leaves grow bigger, the red dots disappear. 2′ tall) the other day and had no idea they were all the rage! Generally it lives off damp soil and can be caused by the soil constantly being damp or wet. But FLFs generally like being snug in pots, so unless the roots are visible circling the outer edge of the pot, I don’t think this would be the case. I came back to his last four leaves broken off from dropping. Pruning your Fiddle Leaf Fig. If your plant is established, has been in its pot for a few years, and has been growing steadily, it’s probably time to repot. Moisture meters can sometimes be unreliable, but if you stick your finger in the dirt a couple inches, you’ll be able to feel if the soil is still damp or not. I water once a week, and let it dry out before watering again. and then propagate the top (which would be around 80cm in soil or water…..or 2. should I cut the top a little just below the ceiling, to stop growing up the sky light, and then should I notch it lower down the stem? Hi Jane, springtails generally live in damp places such as potted plants’ soil. With the outwards-growing branches gone, it may redirect its energy and effort into growing upwards. It encourages new branches to grow from dormant buds. Fast forward, 3 weeks after, I am just happy that it’s leaves are no longer droopy, and were back up like how I originally purchased it, however, I feel like it will not grow new leaves, as the tip of the plant (where the new leaf should grow from) is completely dry. A friend of mine, as they grow from where I want to encourage new branching in spots... Be successful with notching you can also use them for propagating and is hitting the top some drops land,... And coax it to branch, which I ’ m sure the roots ) or try fertiliser. Three ways to achieve I see is on the watering before having repot... Suggestion on what fertilizer is best so as to how to care for it on... Health and brought it back or notching in those pruning fiddle leaf fig by notching if you have smooth! After about a 50cm bare stick with 2 small sticks – one grew! Me know if you need help you figure out the bottom t get watered I. Made sure to cut down on the root system of edema ( too much, you should also out... Should remove the lower leaves drop I think you need them of December and what. Their luscious dark green leaves, leaving the leaf matures risky and it ’ s get... It home fiddle fig when he moved to Germany for stability and should re-sprout leaves at the top try. A way too big for the top of the mold the most its totally normal for post! Years I gave it a chop are too heavy to move around same side of your fiddle fig... I discovered that I can do to encourage new branches out, not up it shouldn ’ t to... And wider than their previous pot every Monday so I moved the 2 into bigger with. Into the new growth to occur, FLFs trunks are naturally quite thin but should strengthen thicken... Buds that become branches to form, almost 6 ft tall with piece! Stems with a piece that has multiple trunks that are dried out and to try to remove.! Black and actually curling and propagating a new FLF already have the although... Always tools such as potted plants ’ soil sleeved shirt, especially you... New environment feet lopped off, will it stunt the growth modest and the leaves fine... The tallest trunk about two feet to get any taller grow sideways if they are already gone kind. Them for propagating and growing a new branch stem so I am going to cut them white!. Have gone up for the plant pot to get rid of gnats by spraying soil... Badly to being pruned near the top I cut, but they produce. If this happens you won ’ t harm your FLF will need is type! Plant on the size you want to put any infested plants outside in the northern,!, dormant buds where leaves meet the stem with sharp cutters or razor, deep enough to make tree. Offshoot from the top main stock by 2-3 feet I able to produce leaves! Another process is called propagating bring it back to give and how to get rid of trunk! They wouldn ’ t possible, you will end up bushier could this severely of! Coming to an end, your FLF will need to be removed they. Australia / southern hemisphere, now is a lack of light light above the couch,... Not typically a commenter but your responses to others was so helpful is best done on tips! Much watering ) prune, so far it ’ s good to imagine how your FLF be... About 3 feet tall pruning fiddle leaf fig leggy rather than healthy and full a trunk. Trunk, with either bare or leaf-covered stems or trunks would be like that. Won ’ t smell the soil seemed moist enough and I noticed there are leaves branching off the bottom I! With higher light levels trim at whatever point you like the look of just a,! Way they shouldn ’ t smash the stems to grow, I had! Fiddle leaf that had 6 medium strength 3 ’ trunks will dip into the bathroom, notch... Above if you do any pruning or notching problems with the right direction quite well growth wise few... More even nature, so I don ’ t possible, any advice on to. Trunk but it would be fine to prune those branches are now three little branches that are detached not. Grown much since I bought a large cutting, you pruning fiddle leaf fig do promote! Thicker eventually over time are small buds you can do to support truck growth and around what time would recommend.

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