A new way of looking

Almost overnight, a sleek and simple new art space has arrived at 1906 Fillmore. It is the San Francisco home of glass artist Cassandria Blackmore, who is based in Seattle. The grand opening is still a few weeks away, but her work is already on display.

Blackmore creates reverse paintings on glass, then shatters and reassembles them. Here’s how she describes her work:

The paintings are finished, then shattered, allowing “chance” to take part in the image making. Each piece of glass fractures in its own way, segmenting the painted image. Images become puzzles. They are visual and tactile diaries written in a sort of Braille telling the tale of how they were touched by human hands. They are dissected and then put back together. It’s the essence of breaking down the image and restoring it to another version of itself that intrigues me.

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