Another meeting place disappears

TULLY’S COFFEE has closed, leaving the corner of Fillmore and Jackson without a coffeehouse for the first time in decades. Filmmaker Erika Tetur chronicles the final days.

  • jimmy

    Nicely done Erika. Too bad it’s such a sad subject. I live across the street, and I’ll miss have a coffee/meeting place on my block.

    • Erika Tetur

      Thank you, Jimmy.

  • Nadine

    I just discovered this today, and I am devastated honestly. I loved Tully’s, and it was my neighborhood coffee shop. We have lost a true gathering spot for the community. I feel like we need to do something to stop the madness of the high-end retail shops on Fillmore Street replacing our beloved places like Royal Ground Coffee and now Tully’s. When I walk by these new shops, they are mostly empty. I don’t see any shoppers. It is not good for anyone. I am the target customer, and I don’t want to shop in these stores. The clothes seem dark, unattractive and overpriced. I prefer to go downtown to Union Square. We need to restore sanity and balance to our neighborhood street. What can we do? Thank you!

    • Erika Tetur

      Nadine, thank you for your comment! I think that talking about it and raising awareness is a good start.

  • Reluctant in PacHts

    Tully’s had terrible coffee and mediocre, processed pastries. I agree high rents are crippling Fillmore, but Tully’s failed because Jane, Fraiche, and other non-chains are just superior. Let’s not confuse the failure of Royal Grounds (a lovely small place) with Tully’s, an international conglomerate with hundreds of stores, including Japan. I would love a good coffee place at Jackson and Fillmore — and would pray for a Philz there.

    • Erika Tetur

      I hope that happens and another coffee shop comes in. It just makes sense, location wise. Thanks for commenting.

    • pudnoise

      I think you are missing the point. The closure was not due to Tully’s failing. In fact, this store was very profitable. It came down to the landlords essentially kicking them out by imposing a 75% rent increase. This is an alarming trend we are seeing. Nadine is right! When will we put an end to all the high-end retail madness?

      • Reluctant in PacHts

        I disagree entirely pud. Jane and Peet’s and others have high rent as well. The product at Tully’s was/is bad. If they couldn’t afford the rent increase, then by definition they were not “profitable.” If you were not a regular at Tully’s the service was AWFUL. I went maybe once a month and it literally was awful service every time.

    • analtman

      Tully’s may not have had the best coffee but by far their employees were the nicest people who always remembered what their customers drank and would oft times have it waiting on the counter in the time it took you to walk in the door. And in my opinion that’s priceless and can be challenging to recreate.

  • Bob

    Let’s poll the community! Which would you rather see at the old Tully’s location at Jackson and Fillmore: a coffee shop or a high-end retail store?

  • Drew

    Heard the owner of Philz bought the bldg and effectively kicked Tully’s out? So may be we get a Philz there?