• Beth Wells

    Loved the article, but I do not lament the loss of Noah’s New York Bagels. They are neither New York nor are they true bagels. Real bagels are boiled and then baked. Noah’s does not boil their product, which makes it just a roll in the shape of a bagel. Maybe that is why the millenials and techies are going elsewhere to buy bagels. Me too, and I am a senior.

    As for the clothing stores — I can only speak for the woman’s stores. I agree the clothing is very pricey, but they only look good on lean young women.

  • Cynthia Traina

    When are we going to put a moratorium on make-up/perfume stores on Fillmore Street? I can’t even count them all anymore! I feel like Fillmore Street is becoming an open-air Sephora. To think they once limited restaurants! How many after the new one goes in at Heidi shoes location?