Lessons learned from downsizing

FIRST PERSON | Fran Johns Beyond the pain, angst and despair of downsizing, there is always a story. And there are questions: How can I convince my parent or spouse or partner that it’s time? Who’s going to take care of the logistics and legalities, not to mention the tricky finances? Will I lose my […]

When I and thou were young

FIRST PERSON | Kevin Blum It’s last call for Solstice Lounge. After a successful 10-year run, the neighborhood favorite at 2801 California and Divisadero will be closing its doors for good on Saturday, March 2. The landlord, who also owns Rasselas and Sheba Piano Lounge on Fillmore Street, proposed to raise the monthly rent by […]

Puppy love

“We’ve begun to long for the pitter-patter of little feet — so we bought a dog. Well, it’s cheaper, and you get more feet.” — Rita Rudner FIRST PERSON | David Landis It all began when we put up the Christmas tree in December. My partner Sean Dowdall is a cafeteria Catholic and I’m a […]

In Hungary, an ambassador from Pacific Heights

By Markos Kounalakis BUDAPEST, Hungary — Many of my Saturdays used to start out with a saunter down Fillmore Street for an early morning cup of coffee while the rest of my family was still in bed. Budapest is also a coffeehouse city, but more famed for the conversations and art that grew out of […]

Mrs. Roosevelt and the Korean bath

FIRST PERSON | Barbara Kate Repa My friend Johanna and I honor a tradition of embarking on an adventure together to celebrate our birthdays, loosely based on Eleanor Roosevelt’s exhortation that doing scary things makes you stronger. So when my big day neared this year, I urged an outing to the Imperial Spa at 1875 […]

From Fillmore to Punta del Este

FIRST PERSON | Tom Bergin Life flies by so fast. It has been almost 10 years since I sold Tom Bergin Goldsmith on Fillmore Street to Eric Trabert. I miss the customers — many of whom became friends. I miss the neighbors who popped in to say hello as they passed by on their daily […]

From Fillmore to Harvard

FIRST PERSON | Amy Bernstein When we started telling friends that we were moving from San Francisco to Boston, we could count on getting one of two responses: an incredulous “Why?” or “Boston’s great. It’s a lot like San Francisco.” My partner Nanette Bisher and I were moving because I had just landed a dream […]

Touched by an angel

FIRST PERSON | James DeKoven On a recent moonlit night in the neighborhood, darkness having descended much earlier than only a few weeks before, some friends were at my place sipping cocktails and examining life’s more contentious issues: individualism versus conformity, true love, the meaning of life. It was all rather intense. When I tried […]

Dining alone among friends

FIRST PERSON | Alicia Utter I stumbled into the Fillmore by accident six years ago, enticed by an ad for an apartment on Craigslist. Strolling out on the patio with the building manager, I looked down to see my dog’s tail touch his back as he ran around pots of jasmine. Looking up at the […]

Custom bike shop opens nearby

FIRST PERSON | Doug Rappaport Offering handmade bicycles and promising precision maintenance services, Bespoke Cycles is now open at 2843 Clay Street, near Scott, the storefront previously occupied for many years by Tony Kitz Oriental Rugs. As a nearby neighbor and an avid cyclist, I’m excited — because in addition to selling custom bicycles and […]

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