‘People here love beautiful things’

LOCALS | Photographs & Text by Carina Woudenberg At only 350 square feet, Mureta’s Antiques doesn’t take up much space at 2418 Fillmore, yet the wares inside originate from several continents and span centuries of time, from the Georgian era of the 1700s to the late Art Deco period. And much of the shop’s contents […]

Dino’s new look — and new name

LOCALS | Chris Barnett For centuries, historians, scholars and food lovers have argued over who invented the pizza. Greeks claim the honor with a round flatbread topped with meat, cheese, fruit and tree leaves that debuted in 1 B.C. Italians insist a baker in Naples was commissioned to create the first real pizza in 1889 […]

New Chicago: more than a barbershop

By Chris Barnett SAM JONES, aka “I’m just a Joe named Sam,” wandered into the tiny three-chair Esquire Barbershop at 1826 Geary one recent Saturday afternoon looking slightly stunned. Then Elijah Brown, a 21-year-old entrepreneur, stepped in the door with a quizzical look. A gent named Tim, a man of few words, came in a […]

Oska stirs chain store fight on Fillmore

By Barbara Kate Repa SPURRED BY CONCERNS that the local shopping district is losing its charm and uniqueness as corporate labels gobble up real estate on Fillmore Street, some business owners are now attempting to block a newcomer — Oska, a German-based clothing company — from moving into the neighborhood. The charge is being led […]

Photographer made his mark on Fillmore

A HANDSOME NEW BOOK — melodiously titled A Dream Begun So Long Ago — chronicles the life of photographer David Johnson from his childhood, shuffling through the care of various adults in segregated Jacksonville, Florida, through his on-and-off relationship with the art of photography. Now it’s firmly on again as the 86-year-old relishes his recognition […]

The crime of his childhood

JOSH MIELE can often be spotted on Fillmore Street, taking a lunch break or coming and going from his work as a scientist at the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute at 2318 Fillmore. In a powerful story published today, The New York Times tells how a neighbor’s attack with sulfuric acid blinded and disfigured him when […]

Pastry Heaven

By Michele Mandell ITS UNASSUMING STOREFRONT and the all-lowercase spelling of the new b. patisserie at 2821 California Street, near Divisadero, might convey a self-effacing vibe, but there is nothing small about Belinda Leong’s tres chic pastry shop, which opened just before Valentine’s Day. Leong’s impressive pedigree includes stints with Michelin-starred heavyweights Manresa and Gary […]

When I and thou were young

FIRST PERSON | Kevin Blum It’s last call for Solstice Lounge. After a successful 10-year run, the neighborhood favorite at 2801 California and Divisadero will be closing its doors for good on Saturday, March 2. The landlord, who also owns Rasselas and Sheba Piano Lounge on Fillmore Street, proposed to raise the monthly rent by […]

Little library now lending

A MINI-TREND to establish individual Little Free Libraries, begun in the Midwest in 2009, has led to the creation of thousands of libraries throughout the United States and in at least 17 other countries. And now there’s a Little Free Library in the Fillmore. Bibliophiles who pass by 2223 Sutter Street, near Scott, will find […]

Puppy love

“We’ve begun to long for the pitter-patter of little feet — so we bought a dog. Well, it’s cheaper, and you get more feet.” — Rita Rudner FIRST PERSON | David Landis It all began when we put up the Christmas tree in December. My partner Sean Dowdall is a cafeteria Catholic and I’m a […]

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