Fillmore classics

Photograph of Fillmore Street by Tim Williamson

The area where the Fillmore, Pacific Heights and Japantown come together is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in one of the world’s great cities — a small town in the big city, and with a colorful history, too. This section features stories from the New FIllmore archives about favorite places and people in the neighborhood.



Fillmore: forever new
Throughout its history, the Fillmore keeps re-inventing itself

Don’t call her Mammy
Mary Ellen Pleasant was a pioneering African-American entrepreneur

Fabulous Fillamento
Once upon a time there was a magical store on Fillmore Street

Vivande’s great discovery
How Vivande came to Fillmore — and what its owners discovered

Leon: King of barbecue
His was the last of the old-time Fillmore barbecue joints

Life in the express line
When James Moore retired, the neighborhood noticed

A good egg
For 40 years, Phil Dean ran Fillmore Hardware

30 years of La Mediterannee
Its food and spirit have made this cafe a local favorite

At 1300, Harlem nights meet Pacific Heights
A restaurant helps bridge the divide between upper and lower Fillmore

The Jewish Fillmore
Before it was Harlem, the Fillmore was Jewish

The Peoples Temple
With Jim Jones from the Fillmore to their death in the Jonestown jungle

The Can-Do did do
Minnie’s Can-Do Club was the hippest place in town

From Jimbo’s to Yoshi’s
A musical journey through the decades on Fillmore

The Washington-Jackson line
Cable cars brought riders to Pacific Heights until 1956

Saralee’s story
A loving cat brings joy to many families in the neighborhood

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