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‘It’s a mutual admiration society’

Jesse Kay-Rugen from Glaze teamed up with Toni and Sheila Young of Bumzy’s.

Jesse Kay-Rugen from Glaze teamed up with Toni and Sheila Young of Bumzy’s.

WHEN THE OWNERS of Glaze — the new Seattle-style teriyaki grill on the corner of Fillmore and Pine — were planning their menu, they knew they wanted to keep things as fresh and local as possible.

Much of their planning and interviewing had been done at Fraiche, the all-natural yogurt shop down the block, which became their headquarters while the Glaze space was under renovation. And they made it a point to walk up and down Fillmore to meet their neighbors.

When Glaze opened in April, they offered dessert bars made out in the Sunset District. But they kept thinking about Bumzy’s, the cookie shop down in the Fillmore Jazz District operated by the mother-daughter team of Sheila and Toni Young.

Now they’ve struck up a business relationship, and three kinds of Bumzy’s cookies are delivered up the street every morning, making up the entire dessert menu at Glaze.

“We thought it was a good thing to support the Fillmore community,” said Glaze manager Jesse Kay-Rugen. “And once we got to know Sheila and Toni, it seemed like a no-brainer. In addition to having a great product, they’re also great women who are so involved in the community.”

He added: “It’s a bonus we can tell people to go four blocks down the street and visit their shop.”

Three kinds of Bumzy’s homemade and handmade cookies were added to the menu on July 24: peanut butter, oatmeal raisin and their signature chocolate chip cookie. The next night, Sheila and Toni Young showed up in their chef’s whites to offer samples on a silver platter.

“That was such a blast,” Toni Young said a few days later. “It gave us a chance to see and meet a lot of customers who came in for dinner.”

She remembered when Glaze owners Kay-Rugen and Ian Richardson first came walking in the door of her shop, just as she was taking a batch out of the oven. They bought a box of assorted cookies.

“They loved our cookies, so we started a conversation on what it would take to work together,” she said. “We share the same philosophy of fresh and locally sourced ingredients, so it seemed like a great fit. It was a mutual admiration society.”

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