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My Boudoir blazed the trail

The lingerie shop My Boudoir blazed the trail from Fillmore to Union Street last November. The boutique, which debuted at 2029 Fillmore in 1998, is a family operation run by mother Geraldine Nuval-Weibull and daughter Delilah Nuval.

Inside its tiny new space at 2285 Union — which is half the size of the Fillmore location — the two have recreated the intimate setting of their former shop, even relocating the wall-sized harem mural by Teresa Moore, which adds to the exotic feel of the place.

Nuval says the space easily accommodates their small but exclusive offering of upscale lingerie that changes with the seasons. And they get good spillover foot traffic from Rose’s Cafe, the popular Union Street eatery across the street. She also noted that the rents “are significantly lower” at either end of the main Union Street shopping hub, where their boutique sits.

“But I really miss Fillmore Street — there was so much going on there,” she says. “And I can’t believe what a big difference there is in what the clients buy. On Fillmore, shoppers liked well-made pieces in rich textures and fabrics. But here on Union Street, they’re like: ‘What’s cute?’ ”